the girl who called mystreet her home (a travis x reader) (#3)

the girl who called mystreet her home (a travis x reader) (#3)

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"now i never wanna see you cry
i will keep screaming till you
find the way." --amalee, strike back
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(Y/N) (L/N) rose and fell from grace countless times, but after a near-death battle between her and the love of her life, it seemed it would be her last. After that, nothing would be the same as she lost her memories of who she was, both to herself and to the people around her.

However, after Nether Portals begin to open and Shadow Knights are on the brink of attacking the world she loved, the battle to regain her magicks and her memory becomes a race against time as she and her friends fight to win the final battle against the Shadow Lord.

And as the clock reaches its end and the battle comes, (Y/N) must answer the questions that hang over her head.

The most daunting one of all is if she's willing to sacrifice herself to defeat her father and save her friends.
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completed on 05/13/18

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