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All human souls are corrupted and dark, but her soul caught my attention. It was good and pure. The soul I had been looking for all this time.

It has to be mine.

It will be mine.

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I always do this: tell myself I'm going to bed early this time and end-up reading on Wattpad at nearly midnight, smh.
Mm that fourth wall was broken and I'm not too sure I'm liking it tbh ..
harryxolivia harryxolivia May 03, 2017
I always read at night alone in bed. I know this is a bad idea but demonic Harry is hot so
cupcvkeswbvsmv cupcvkeswbvsmv Jul 22, 2017
lmao I already read this like 4 times and I just can't regret it
MagconzPRINCESS MagconzPRINCESS Oct 19, 2016
I-MOVIE is great! I love the last part it actually startled me XD
Beau_1D Beau_1D Aug 21, 2016
When you can watch supernatural and American horror story and not get scared but then you see this trailer and have a heart attack