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白美凤 By Ubiquitous-Kiss Completed

Maki is a girl, but not quite ordinary.  She's classified as a Generation 35, Class-G Orb holder - meaning, she has the ability to control glass.  She is on the run, hiding from a woman that most only know as the Sorceress.  The Sorceress is after the orbs that people like Maki posses and once she collects enough of them, she intends to summon their God, a dragon named Lùhng.

Maki happens upon a bit of luck and finds a group of people she can trust and they become the closest thing she's had to a family since her parents death.  She also meets a man, a man that makes her crazy inside and that she has mixed feelings about.

Maki must learn to defend her body and her heart in this story of magic and belief.

  • city
  • orphan
  • poor
  • power
  • runaway
Anniecoolson Anniecoolson Apr 06, 2014
Great story, you have a way with words, and real talent, keep writing, you have the ability to go far in life! Good job!
Soa_Soraya Soa_Soraya Jun 11, 2012
Yay!! I'm so happy Maki got some good luck! Ohh and a noodle shop sounds like a nice place to be~ Hm... now I want noodles...
                              Anyway, onto the next chapter~
helloLOVEcupid helloLOVEcupid Jun 04, 2012
Always when things start to luck up, things go downhill.  It all seemed a little to easy as well, so I wonder what you have in store for that poor girl n_n
Soa_Soraya Soa_Soraya Jun 02, 2012
@Ubiquitous-Kiss Ohh XD I like it! XD
                              Lol, I'm sure you'll remember~
Ubiquitous-Kiss Ubiquitous-Kiss Jun 02, 2012
@Soa_Soraya Thanks.  SOLAR - Sorceress' Officers Looking After Rhei... I think.  Now I can't remember.  -_-
Soa_Soraya Soa_Soraya Jun 02, 2012
Oh! This was a cool beginning! ^_^ I'm really curious as to what's going to Maki and this group known as SOLAR!
                              I can already tell that I'm going to enjoy this story~
                              Looking forward to reading more~