down my spine [l.s.]

down my spine [l.s.]

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Fluorescent Adolescent By hipsta_pleasee Completed

Harry is a trapped boy inside of his own trapped world. Louis just wants to get him out.




The one where Harry is stuck on his family's farm living under God's rule and he just wants to get out. Louis is a journalist who gets assigned to live with Harry's family for two months and write an article on it.

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TheAmazingLilly TheAmazingLilly Apr 17, 2017
Is it weird I just ranted to my entire family for an hour about global warming
louehtxmlinsmol louehtxmlinsmol Mar 04, 2017
lol everyone commenting is so dirty minded 😂😂 they're all like instead of blowing the job opportunity blow harry
DoctorsOrders DoctorsOrders Dec 04, 2014
hot, curly haired guy. oh, I wonder who that could be *sarcastic voice*
dakotaisntcool dakotaisntcool Mar 27, 2014
First one... I feel like it would draw in, not necessarily religious people..., idk I just like the first one sorry I'll shut up
tondada tondada Mar 16, 2014
I really liked the sister wives twist!!  Something I haven't read before and something I definitely wasn't expecting!  Excited to read on!!  :)
beautifullyLarry beautifullyLarry Mar 07, 2014
Continue on. It's really good I'm looking forward to it so much!!