Finding Destiny

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Rouletted By Rouletted Updated 3 years ago
Destiny Cohen is living the perfect life. Her permanent residence is a mansion in sunny Santa Barbara, she has a sweet and loving boyfriend, two best friends who willingly go on wild shopping sprees, and it’s almost the summer before her senior year. But, when her parents decide that Destiny has become too spoiled, Destiny’s perfectly planned out summer of tanning at the beach and partying with friends falls down. Instead, her summer will encompass working in the Jalae tribe village in Thailand. Here, oceans away from her friends, eons out of her comfort zone, and miles away from the nearest telephone, Destiny discovers what it truly means to live the perfect life as she finds herself.
I like the point of view for this story :) pretty amazing :)
Very strong and I can relate to this, it only makes the story a better place for me to be :) <3
I love how you make us wonder what is going on and make us want to go to the next chap to read more
i like the prologue :) it's short but it's actually very hooking :D voting!
I love the flow of this! Not only can I seriously relate to this ("the only way to find yourself is to leave"), it's very intriguing!
I'm really impressed by the beginning  so far ! You have really good grammar and this definately draws me in :) Reading on and a definite vote!