Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpreg

Rejected By The Prince | Ziall Mpreg

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"I don't want you, you're a lousy servant. Hell, I want you to die. Why would I want you? You're fat, ugly and a disgrace to the werewolf kind. YOU'RE A DOG!"

Niall watched his mate with tears in his eyes. This is why he didn't want him to find him. 

He knew that he would disappoint him. 

"I Zayn Javaad Malik crowned prince of werewolf's. Here by reject and ban you from this kingdom you're not allowed to join any pack."

"Please don't." Niall felt like a dagger was staking his heart. 

"But I want to ruin you first. " Zayn looked at Niall in anger hate and lust. 

Niall knew he couldn't deny his mate this. 

So what happens when Zayn is finished and Niall has to pack his things and go?

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Yeho_Akira Yeho_Akira Dec 03, 2016
Your writing is good. I see you take time to read them. Don't put POV on top of a character's point of view. Just write their name on top.
LoveJoeyGraceffa12 LoveJoeyGraceffa12 Apr 11, 2016
I've already read this story and it was so good I'm reading it again
xxNikita1dxoxo xxNikita1dxoxo Apr 06, 2016
Why are the being called royals ? They seem like a bunch of idiotic morons who love to humiliate the poor and can't even maintain peace and order
Favonius Favonius Nov 26, 2014
Niall im going to beat Zayn if he continues to be a douche purse
setsuka95 setsuka95 Apr 14, 2014
ok,i love it to pieces <3 <3 <3... however,it's weird how i havent read this story before... cuz im pretty sure i've already read all stories under 'werewolf' & 'mpreg' ... cant wait to read the next chapter... keep up the good work !!!!!