The Nerd he didn't Notice.

The Nerd he didn't Notice.

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Meher K. By mavis2303 Updated Apr 07

Maya williams, a sassy, quirky teen, who is always on her toes for sarcastic comments, is one who could make anybody fall for her peachy behaviour. Except, there's one problem. She's fat. And she is really REALLY insecure about it. 

Ansh Thomas, the rugged, and sexy bad boy of the school. He gets every thing he wants, and I mean EVERYTHING. He doesn't notice shit except for the chicks he finds good looking. He never noticed the poor girl ever.

 Even when she's got a huge time crush on him. 

But with time, he's got his eyes set on someone who is completely against his ideas of the perfect girl.

Will they fall for each other or will the big bad boy give in to his ego? 


"Ever since I met you, you've done this weird thing to me. I can't understand what, but I can't seem to be my old self back again. I miss the old me. But the new one is definitely better." He stated making me look at him in confusion. I couldn't get it. 

All the thoughts made a frown to appear on my face and he chuckled looking at me.

"What?" I managed to blurt as my frown deepened all the more. 

"I'm gonna have to tell you to wipe that frown off your face." He chuckled.


"Because I'm gonna kiss you now."


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