Can I be yours again?

Can I be yours again?

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The_Disappointment😢 By GloriousErosion14 Updated Jun 26

This is story is the continuation  after the dance magic clip.  
          Applejack and Rarity have been dating for a few days after the music video was filmed. All was going well for them until they started to argue a lot about their differences. Until they couldn't take it anymore. 
       Pinkie Pie is heartbroken since Twilight loves Sunset. She tried everything to win Twilight's heart, but she couldn't. 

        Fluttershy loves Rainbow Dash, and she tries to tell her. But she knows that Rainbow Dash likes her too, but Rainbow is too proud to admit it. Rainbow's pride haunts Fluttershy. She then thinks that Rainbow and she can't be together since Rainbow's pride is to high and might get in the way of their relationship as friends and if they were an item. She sees that Pinkie has a lot on her mind. She thens tries to help Pinkie. Yet in the process falls in love with her.

 •••••Three months have passed••••••
         Rarity started dating Sour Sweet, while Applejack started dating Lemon Zest. The two have some awkward moments together since they have split. 

      Twilight and Sunset broke up after Sunset said that she was running out of love for Twilight and she was falling in love with Starlight. Twilight understood Sunset, and said she was okay with it since she was also running out of love for Sunset. She then realizes that she falling for Pinkie.

          Rainbow Dash is attempting  to become humble since Fluttershy started to date Pinkie. She tries to win Fluttershy's heart again.

 Can Rarity and Applejack be together again or will they really end things there? 

Can Twilight win Pinkie Pie's heart again or will she just accept how things are?

Can Rainbow Dash be humble for Fluttershy's sake or give up on the love of her life?


       P.S. This is my first Rarijack story.

  • drama
  • fluttershy
  • friendship
  • love
  • pinkieshy
  • rarijack
  • regret
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