Abilities- Kim Tae Hyung FF

Abilities- Kim Tae Hyung FF

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Jung JaeEun is an avarage girl that goes to Seoul Performing Arts High School.  She is a senior there. She is born to a family not too poor and not to rich which makes her average but her parents died and she lives by herself now. However the rich kids like Elizabeth( AKA Lee Mina) like to call her a peasant. JaeEun has been getting the highest scores for Exams and all A's since the 9th grade which makes her a so called nerd." Well, that's what people think, lets just say that she got some abilities that humans don't have". Kim Taehyung is also a senior that goes the same school and likes to bully JaeEun for being a "nerd". However, he might have some trouble bullying JaeEun because of her best friend, Park Eunmi. Eunmi is the type of girl that would kick a guy's ball that tried to bully JaeEun. Will Kim Taehyung find out JaeEun's true self? Will he stop bullying Her? And Will he protect her from things she can't prevent?

Keep Reading to find out.
I Would like to say that this is my first story/ff so i am sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes

Written by: @jams_shooked

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