We're All In Love Tonight (MCR Fanfiction/Gerard Way Love Story)

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Melissaaa! By MyStorybookRomance Updated 3 years ago
Harley-Jane Lynus always had a crush on Gerard Way. Harley-Jane finds herself talking to him. Things get better when they are partners in art class. Soon Gerard and Harley are great friends but after a series of young girls start to go missing. Is Harley-Jane one of them?
@RiotOfRevengeMCRxBVB I know, i dont think ive seen anyone that changed by fame, Bryan couldnt win! seriously, chris needs to just step back and think. about everything. what hes become, what hes playing at, what he has done, stuff like that.
@RiotOfRevengeMCRxBVB OH MY GOD. I just watched it. outrageous. i too have lost the little respect i had for them.
@RiotOfRevengeMCRxBVB yeah, and i find 2 guys cuter than a guy and a girl... well it depends but generally
                                    i like scabior, hes awesome... for a snatcher :)
                                    i was never really into them well i like 1 or 2 songs but they were always so mainstream hence i never really listened to all their songs
@RiotOfRevengeMCRxBVB lol youve never actually written inappropriate stuff that ive read though even... as far as i can remember...
                                    truee i never thought of that! :) 
                                    lol maybe! i know his daughter is, shes awesome, shes a big MCR and Harry Potter fan, i met her in the queue to meet Brian May :)
@RiotOfRevengeMCRxBVB HORRAY!! XD BAHAHAHAH Dude I'm going to Knottts Berry Farm today...SHGSDFDA WOLOLOLOLO!! FABULOUS!! XD 
                                    Harry potter will pee on the things you love :3