My Erotic Fantasy

My Erotic Fantasy

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Tori By tori1308 Updated Jan 27

My toes curled as he put his soft lips on my breast. The feel of him suckling on them made my nipples grow hard, like diamonds. He removed his lips from my nipples and kissed down my stomach, to my naval, down to my lips. He spread them apart with two fingers. He slid his tongue in as he slid two of his fingers in me. This made me moan. My back arched as my nipples grew harder. My eyes closed as he got faster, making me moan louder. He removed his tongue, still fingering me. He got rougher. All of a sudden, it stopped. He was out of me. I opened my eyes. and he was teasing me with his thick cock. Right outside of me. Resting on my thigh. "Who's your daddy?" He called.

"You are, daddy."

"Good." He stuck himself in me. I slightly moaned. He got faster and faster. His thrusts got harder.

"Daddy!!!" I screamed. "Faster! Harder!!!"

He got harder and faster as my arms went around him, causing me to dig my nails into his back.  I screamed and moaned. I tugged at his hair, which was sh...

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myprofileisnogood myprofileisnogood Feb 13, 2015
10 inches??? That`so big!!! The average is betweeen 5 and 6.