Rouge of the Lands, Alpha of her Heart

Rouge of the Lands, Alpha of her Heart

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Jennifer By Mysterygirl4812 Updated Feb 07

Becca knew no other life than the life of Chains and Pain. 

Aidan never knew true love until Her.

Becca is the kindest soul you could meet. But that all changed when her pack was attacked and taken over. She lost her father and her freedom. All hopes of finding her mate is pretty much lost and so she cages her heart

Aidan is Alpha of the toughest packs around. And that means he isn't always the nicest person either. If a rouge even steps foot in his territory, they are sent to the dungeons or killed. But deep down under all that toughness, lies his longing for his mate. 

And what happens when certain events bring the two together? Will they reject one another or fall in love as it was meant to be?