Popcorn || Fred Weasley

Popcorn || Fred Weasley

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❝You know, caramel popcorn is my favourite.❞
❝What are you talking about?❞ 
❝Well, you're my favourite.❞

All that Caramel Wallis wants is to be herself. She knows that she can't, really, with the typical Malfoy pride on the line, but she desperately, really, wants to do a lot of things. She wants to ride a dragon, yell during the Welcoming Feast, scream at the top of her lungs, to simply send the world a message: she is in charge of her own self.

But she's trapped behind bars of honour and purity, of cold stone and marble. So, she keeps her head down, does her own work, being the perfect little niece and the perfect little prefect. When she runs into Fred Weasley, though, her life changes -- which maybe, just maybe, might not be a bad thing.

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