INFINITY COVEN_Dark Temptation (Volume 1)

INFINITY COVEN_Dark Temptation (Volume 1)

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N.D.Blossom By nabiilah25 Completed

When seventeen-year-old Quinn leaves New York to live with her grand-aunt, Helen Deveraux in Blue Haven, Georgia, she is confronted with the revelation that her whole life was a big lie to hide the fact that she is a powerful witch who needs to fulfill her part of the prophecy before it's too late.
She meets a mysterious handsome stranger who seems to know a great deal about her past. 
But can she trust this dangerous manipulating stranger whose dark side threaten to consume her...


"Hello Quinn," he murmured huskily, eyes locked on her.

The fact that he knew her name did not matter to her. It just felt right the way his full lips voiced it.

"Hi, did you see a fair blond guy in his middle twenties passing by?," she muttered, still amazed with his hypnotic stare.

Flexing a muscle in his high cheekbone, he raised one long eyebrow playfully. Something in the atmosphere was telling her that he knew the answer.

"Boyfriend?," he teased, eyes locked broodingly upon her. Taken aback with his question, she only stared back. It was true that Tom Willis did not appear an ounce a driver with his casual clothing and his age. But he wasn't to find out. Her heart was already fluttered with his devastating looks.

"Hmm, if I help you in your search, I'll take something in return," his profoundly blue eyes twinkling with devilish intentions.

"Anything", she murmured, fluttering her long lashes. Her mind warned her to run away as suddenly he seemed dangerous.

Except she didn't.

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