Muggle-worthy | GINNY WEASLEY

Muggle-worthy | GINNY WEASLEY

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❝I'm afraid I'm about as cool as a rubber duck...❞ 
❝ So ridiculously cool then?❞  


Quinton Granger was very much like his younger sister, Hermione Jean Granger, well known for his studious nature among peers. However, there was a significant difference between the two, unlike Hermione, Quinton didn't possess magic.

He was a muggle.

Arthur Weasley has always been fascinated by muggles and their lifestyle, so when he meets Quinton one year as the older brother drops Hermione off at King's Cross, the two strike up a conversation about the function of a rubber duck. The two became fast friends and Quinton becomes a regular at the Burrow whenever his sister is invited over.

Ginny is trying to come to terms with her feelings over the Boy-Who-Lived, who doesn't pay her any sort of mind outside of being Ron's little sister. Hermione gives her the advice not to pine over Harry, that she should look at other boys, although when Hermione suggested it, she wasn't exactly suggesting her older brother.

It started off as letters between the two while Ginny is at school and becomes something each time the two see each other again.

Plot credits go to the amazing Pseudonymphadora ❤