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"Nash i'm like broken glass. You could glue it all together to fix it, but then with one light push, it would shatter all over and break into even smaller pieces. I'm broken and i'm beyond repair. No matter how hard you try, no matter how determined you are, i'll stay broken.It feels like for every step forward we take together i take a thousand steps backwards. You try to help me float, but i just push you down with me, and sooner or later we'll both sink."

"I've always been a determined person. If i want something, i get it. And i want you Cameron. I'm not letting anything come in between us, not your demons, nor your dark thoughts. If drowning with you, is the only way we can be together than i'll do it. I'll do it with a heartbeat."

• Or that one where Cameron is a suicidal, bulimic model and Nash is set to help him •


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-obsoletus -obsoletus Jul 20, 2016
Ok as a Greek person who also speaks Russian the titles are way too difficult to read
yo yo yo Shawn taylor cam (don't make me choose who in the end) , Shaylor
AnxietyStressSadism AnxietyStressSadism Jul 16, 2016
IM IN LOVE WITH FREAKIN MATTCHUESPINOSA:) and my favorite ship is cash or Shaylor, can choose
lividitygeoff lividitygeoff Dec 22, 2016
I'm going to try to read this bc every time I stop and never finish it
smmmutty123 smmmutty123 Apr 07, 2015
My fav is Hayes and Taylor and I ship Shaylor or Shawn and Taylor
- - Feb 27, 2015
Fav ship: cash I need to be more familiar with the other ships
                              Fav boy: Nash and Jack G can't pick