My Not-So-Normal Life

My Not-So-Normal Life

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ilovelukey By ilovelukey Updated Jul 03, 2013

Name : Caitlyn Bridger
Occupation : Senior in High School
Age : 18
Siblings (If any, names) : 1 - Kale Bridger
Best Friends : Kale Bridger, Kevin Rogers and Sally Vargas
Marital Status : About to get hitched to a snob.

Marriage is an institution of love not compromise. Caitlyn had expected to at least have the freedom to choose who she gets married to, but no, her father had other plans for her.
Caitlyn and Kale were celebrity kids. Their parents worked 24/7, for six months in a row and the other six months was their vacation time. Love in the family had dissipated a long time ago. The only true and healthy blood relations they maintained was amongst themselves and with their maternal grandparents. 
Though Caitlyn and Kale get to go the best parties, dinners and everything else star studded, their life lacked the happiness of a normal family.

So, one day after a sleepover at her mansion, she learnt from her twin brother that her dad had arranged for her to get married to the son of one of their family friends. These 'family friends' were none other than the Brannick's. They were an affluent family who were friends with the Bridger's since before Caye was even born.
 After the sudden revelation about marriage, her brother, in order to protect her, contrived to his father that Caitlyn had a crush on Kevin. This new information in turn,delayed the whole process of her getting married to Josh.

Now, the comical journey of love begins amongst the closest of friends going against the insane adults they are acquainted with in order to attain freedom or maybe even true love!

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