Scent Of The Mafia's Love.

Scent Of The Mafia's Love.

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He suddenly shoved me in and opened the water taps. The cold water started pouring on me. I felt like I was drowning. I tried getting out, but his full body pushed me back in. My hijab and clothes were getting wet.

"Stop," I say, spitting some water out. "Stop," I say, hitting his arms that were holding me inside there. 

The water finally stopped, and I was gasping for air. He then pushed me into the bathroom wall. He punched the wall with his hands next to me which made me close my eyes in fear.

"Don't you dare do that again?" He says leaning in close to my face, that I could even smell his breathe. I opened my eyes slowly and his face was right next to mine...... and blood, blood was dripping from his hands.

"One wrong move. You're dead" he says in a nasty voice 
"I was going to die. I was trying to kill myself to get rid of you" I say, trying to stop the tears from falling down.
"Now let me go. Let me go" I say, punching his arms, and trying to wiggle out.
"You're not going to die," He says "Not with my permission," 

Yousef Al Fahad is an arrogant, cruel and handsome man. To the world, he is known as the most respectable and honorable man who was raised with nothing, but he wasn't.
He was a man with a gun. He would kill anyone who disobeyed him. He would destroy their entire life and would commit mass murders.

That's until he fell in love with Zainab Hayat. A college student wanting nothing more, but to graduate.

Unexpectedly things take an unpredicted turn when Yousef only family--Hassan is killed. And Zainab was to blame. Would Yousef take revenge...Or would he find out the truth and fall in love with Zainab in the process?  

This bad boy with his dark, black eyes, that when she looked through him. She saw a boy, with a broken heart missing the meaning of love, and she made it her mission to fix him. He was her bad boy, the one with hot lips that corrupted her.

Read. Plus A lot Twist.

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