You're Poison And I'm Addicted

You're Poison And I'm Addicted

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That night I lay on the wall, blood beneath my skin and feeling sick. I look to the side, out the window hearing the rain beat a gentle violent, intense pitter-patter on the edge. It began whispering in the air.
It was telling me to scream, to cry but not to give up life because remember God has a purpose for your pain, A reason for your struggle and a gift for your faithfulness and don't worry, God is never blind to your tears, never deaf in your prayer and never silent in your pain. He sees, and He hears, and He will deliver.
"That true" I whispered hopelessly. I look up and see Yousef, in deep sleep lying on the bed.
That night I was unable to sleep. I have forgotten what it was like to sleep because the last thing I remember is that I am still living in a nightmare, waiting to wake up.

Just when my eyes felt like closing, there came a brilliant flash that flickered and died. I open my eyes in tremor. Moments later there came the rumbling thunder. I quickly move away from the window and sat next to Yousef who was in a deep sleep. The lightning flashed and pushed repeatedly, over and over again. The room was dark, and I was, in fact, afraid of the thunders and lightning. The next on growled loud into my ears, and without awareness, I yelled Yousef.
"What" He growled.
"Yousef. Wake Up" I say, shaking him. 
He then rubbed his eyes angrily and sat up. Thunder cried out again from the blackened sky, and the noise rumbled loudly scaring me. I suddenly wrapped my arm around his shoulders and pulled him close, and tighter. 
For a moment I thought I was safe, but when I realized that I just hugged him. I straight away let go. What did I just I do, I say as I get off the bed and sit back on the ground.

"Get to your feet," he says. For a minute I thought I was going to be hit again, but what he did next was unexpected. He swung me up in his strong arms as if I was nothing more than a ragdoll and put me on the bed.

A Hate Love Story

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