The Prophecy-When Darkness Comes

The Prophecy-When Darkness Comes

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Elaine    (Profile On Hold) By LadyOfTheNight Updated Nov 09, 2015

this story needs serious editing ..... it has been such a long time since i started writing it and now that i reread it, i find it quite lacking, written in a childish way and definitely not up to my standards ... as soon as i have time for it, i will change the story and improve it .... i already edited the prologue and am now very happy with it 


wouldn't it be great if dreams were coming true??? 

...but what do you do if those dreams are nightmares
...or worse??? 

...would you run?

...but you can't run...where ever you are he will find you and catch you

...who he is??
...he lived for thousands of years and has many of the night...master of shadows...lord of nightmares


He always gets what he wants

...and he wants you


Be aware of the dark !


this story is old school fantasy ;)

read this story and meet the most stunning and interesting creatures ever known (or not known) to the world of fantasy

  • dark
  • fantasy
  • friendship
  • mystery
  • prophecy
  • romance
wardqueenruby1 wardqueenruby1 Jun 26, 2016
I like it it gives that suspense to it and sounds like a good story to read
PolarAnteater PolarAnteater Dec 30, 2015
Hey!! Just a suggestion, you could maybe change "The prophecy was destroyed long ago" to "The prophecy was thought to have been destroyed long ago". I think it'll 'flow' more into the next line, if you know what I mean haha. But it's good either way, I'm definitely reading more :D
megarax megarax Dec 28, 2015
I love the prologue, it's intensifying, intriguing and at the same time absolutely eye-catching. I can't wait to read on! :)
LadyOfTheNight LadyOfTheNight Jun 03, 2013
                              O.O for real??? ... haha that's awesome ^^ ... thanks soo much ... it's great to know that my intro can affect my readers in such ways 
                              thank you soo much for taking the time and writing that comment ... i really apprecciate it =)
SarahLynch0 SarahLynch0 Jun 03, 2013
That just sent shivers up my spine... So good! Keep writing!
CcileGraat CcileGraat Jul 03, 2011
Dear Lady!
                              Thank you so much for this honest and open reply....
                              As I said before: I am really looking forward to the rest of the story. I do understand the fact that it takes time... Take your time and 'blow us away' !!!