The Prophecy-When Darkness Comes

The Prophecy-When Darkness Comes

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Elaine    (Profile On Hold) By LadyOfTheNight Updated Nov 09, 2015

this story needs serious editing ..... it has been such a long time since i started writing it and now that i reread it, i find it quite lacking, written in a childish way and definitely not up to my standards ... as soon as i have time for it, i will change the story and improve it .... i already edited the prologue and am now very happy with it 


wouldn't it be great if dreams were coming true??? 

...but what do you do if those dreams are nightmares
...or worse??? 

...would you run?

...but you can't run...where ever you are he will find you and catch you

...who he is??
...he lived for thousands of years and has many of the night...master of shadows...lord of nightmares


He always gets what he wants

...and he wants you


Be aware of the dark !


this story is old school fantasy ;)

read this story and meet the most stunning and interesting creatures ever known (or not known) to the world of fantasy