Beast - a retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Beast - a retelling of Beauty and the Beast

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When Manon,s father, the King, told her that he'd promised her away to the Beast King, she was terrified. Not for the reasons you might think, though. Being married to a Beast didn't scare her so much. No what scared her was the thought of what he might do to her once he learned that she didn't possess the charm and beauty that her two younger sisters were famous for.

Expert from the story:

"You know you've been bad, don't you," he growls in my ear, and all I can do is nod soundlessly as my body starts to shiver at his proximity.
He's standing flush up against my back. I feel the warmth of his big, solid body seeping into mine. And even though I know he's furious I can't prevent myself from quivering helplessly as he leans in even closer.
Suddenly I feel his sharp canines scrape the delicate skin on my neck, making me shiver uncontrollably. I feel his hot, wet tongue sliding over my vein, almost as if he's tracking my pulse with his tongue.
"I can taste your pulse underneath my tongue," he growls, spreading his hot breath against my neck and giving me goosebumps.
"I feel you quivering beneath my body and I can hear your heart beating." He leans in and gently bites my ear. "Do you have any idea what that does to a beast?"

All the naughty chapters will be put under "Beast - Restricted Chapters"  You can find that on my profile page (evamadison)

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I love your writing style , it's very smooth and intriguing .
That sounds like a good idea! Why not let a young women - a princess even - travel alone and unprotected?
skittle_miser16 skittle_miser16 Oct 10, 2016
I'm confused I was looking at the chapters and 6 is missing is there a reason or just a mistake?
kellbers kellbers Jan 25, 2016
How do you pronounce Manon?
                              Do I just sound it out? I feel like it's not that easy...
Summaya_13 Summaya_13 Aug 21, 2015
So excited to read this. As soon as I read the description of the book I knew I had to add it to my library
RosesnWater RosesnWater Jul 24, 2015
Interesting! A few of your words are a bit repetitive like using otherwise twice in the same sentence but besides that this is very well written, congrats ^^