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Rae Rivers By RaeRivers Updated Mar 08, 2014

New York, Central Park

  She was under a microscope. 

  A silly notion, one she'd never admit to anyone. Her logical mind challenged the thought but Sienna Beckham knew - just knew - that she was being watched.

  Sitting on the grass, she scanned the busy park.  A casual, fleeting glance, nothing too obvious. 

  Nope.  Nothing out of the ordinary. 

  Just the normal crowd - different faces than the day before, but normal nonetheless.  Joggers, strollers, a few picnics, several ball games - all the same.  The warm weather and sunshine had drawn out the nature lovers who appeared reluctant to leave despite the setting sun.  The park, once lush and green, had turned a magical shade of orange, yellow, and red, a sign that fall had arrived with fervour.

  Her instincts bristled; her gut clenched.

  Paranoid?  Crazy? 

  She pushed herself off the grass, drained the last of her water, and tossed the bottle in a nearby bin. 

  The sun hovered above the horizon, illuminating the tall...

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