Powers in Love

Powers in Love

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Abirdinthebush By Abirdinthebush Updated Jul 25, 2018

Almost everyone in the world has a power. Those who don't are rare.

Sang doesn't.

Being abused by her mother, threatened by the teachers and students at her new school, and cornered by a masked figure are just some of the issues Sang has to deal with. On top of it, she has to deal with the secrets her new friends are keeping from her, and the surprising new feelings she had developed.

Why is it whenever she touches one of them, she feels a zap? Why is it her heat flip flops whenever one of them even looks at her? What is going on?

Join Sang on her journey to discover who she is, while she learns how to be in love with nine guys.

Canon compliant abuse and violence. Reverse Harem.
CL Stone owns the Ghost Bird series as well as all the characters, they're not mine. I just really like them. :)
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