Broken Pieces | Finnick Odair

Broken Pieces | Finnick Odair

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rainyylovegood By rainyylovegood Updated Jun 17, 2018

Evelyn Jackson won the 67th Hunger Games at a great cost. By the skin of her teeth, she escaped with a scar across her neck, blood on her hands, and the guilt of not saving the life of her only friend. 

For eight long years she wallowed in self pity, slowly becoming isolated as she lost everything she held dear. Throughout those years, there was one ever-lingering light in Evelyn Jackson's life and he just wanted to keep her safe. 

The arrival of the Quarter Quell not only resurfaced Evelyn's traumatic past, but also allowed her to finally seek the relationship she had been denying herself those eight long years. 

One question was on the forefront of her mind this time though. 

Could she save the one person she truly loved, or would she fail like she had with so many others before? 

Evelyn Jackson, winner of the 67th Hunger Games. Evelyn Jackson, tribute of the 75th Quarter Quell.


"We won... This can't be happening again."

"We survived once. You will win."