Lost In The Proverbial Silence

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Coral Rayne By Breathing_Goodbye Completed

This is beautiful. My favorites lines were "Sorry to be seen...to be mean" Just lovely.
Wow, yeah, highly ironic! like the dialogue, and the ending finishes it excellently
@Breathing_Goodbye Tactful placement of irony is always effective :) Great expression of emotions that I envy always. I hope that you can vault over whatever troubles you encounter in life without falling too deep.
I LOVED this, the last line is amazing! very emotional and very well written :) over all perfection!
Great poem! It reminded me of all the addictions and regretted choices in my life. It's as if I'm the one with the bottle in my hands (which I am, in a different way). There was a sense of irony and a feeling of having given up (was it?) to me. Awesome :)
Can I refuse your choices..?
                                    Is there a way for me to refuse them?