[JIMIN] Hidden Tears

[JIMIN] Hidden Tears

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let me love you By exotaec Completed

"I'm so sorry."
"I loved her..."
"It's you."
"She's so adorable."
"She's gone..."
"They're both gone." 
"Look after her."
"My everything..."
"Leave me alone."
"I hate you." 

Started >> 01.01.18
Completed >> 07.04.18

©exotaec • 2018

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i like the 15th cover the best 😍 it really suits the book title!
I'm reading this book for the fifth time I really love this book
Isn't this the same name as in jjk  ff the truth untold pt.1 & 2
kpinon68 kpinon68 4 days ago
It's weird how she says "Don't ever forget me" then she says "Forget about me" but I mean ig
KimEunri18 KimEunri18 Oct 06
Time to read again for maybe, 6th time? I just love how this story goes on.
You said don’t ever forget me then you say “forget me” wait what