[JIMIN] Hidden Tears

[JIMIN] Hidden Tears

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let me love you By exotaec Completed

"I'm so sorry."
"I loved her..."
"It's you."
"She's so adorable."
"She's gone..."
"They're both gone." 
"Look after her."
"My everything..."
"Leave me alone."
"I hate you." 

Started >> 01.01.18
Completed >> 07.04.18

©exotaec • 2018

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I love this one cuz it relates to the title as well as being a masterpiece 😉
Can someone pls tell me where I can find that pic on cover 11
vantae4lifeu vantae4lifeu 21 hours ago
Isn't this the same name as in jjk  ff the truth untold pt.1 & 2
Luvyouth Luvyouth Aug 25
Rereading😁...I forgot how this story goes until I read this and OMG I have my tissues🙃...no I don't.
JeonGillian JeonGillian Aug 22
Lol I read Hyungwon, since I’m reading in the dark and it’s midnight. 😢☹️😂😂 I’m so blind , my eyes hurt 😂😂😂
Wow this hits the feels, I lost my dad to cancer last November so I can sense the pain.