What The Heart Wants (BWWM) Unconditional Series Book 1

What The Heart Wants (BWWM) Unconditional Series Book 1

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Rose Marie By RoseMarieBWWM Updated Jun 06


Elijah was born with a bad heart. At the early age of seven he knew he wouldn't live to be an old man without a heart transplant. Despite that he's lived a full and happy life praying that one day a heart becomes available to him. With the girl he's grown up the now his fiancé he's determined to live for her and giver her the life she's always talked about and wanted with him. He was ready to stop holding his family and friends back with this handicap. He wanted a new heart. No matter what.

Angela Reed was not your average black girl. She had beauty, brains, and money. With a loving family she grew up successful in her own right with everything a girl could want. Including the love of her life. To her it didn't matter that he was an thug. It didn't matter that he came home with grease stains on his face and sometimes got rowdy and spent nights in jail. He was her's from the moment he grabbed her arm and said hi. Like all bad relationships they had their up's and down from the said night's in jail to him cheating. Yet she still stuck unwavering in her love. But what happens when they meet the ultimate low that no matter how hard you try there's no up come up? Will she still have his heart like he claims?

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Dang even though Mikey died, I’m happy that he is able to get a heart
JayCeeTink JayCeeTink Jan 03
I’m happy you did this story cause I wanted to know what happened to Him after mean as mike did what he did
I did for a second. I was like now who is this dedicated side piece.  Dedicated because she was waiting. http://media.tenor.com/images/09f943030ab51015796817ca9e67c0d0/tenor.gif
Why this literally got me in tears and ish 😭😂 But omfg...Imma bout to be in for a emotional ride with this one and im ready for it
mayda0413 mayda0413 Jan 02
Dam these book connect like crazy I have to make sure to read in order of updates I almost got lost in another book.