Today, at the centre of our galaxy, dwell small colonies of a most extraordinary species – humans.  Snatched from planet earth by slave traders they have a habit of escaping and finding more of their own kind.  Now their unique qualities have begun changing the course of galactic history.
    Fourteen-year-old Mervyn Bright possesses no special powers or advantages.  He has courage, tenacity, and three close friends from the Space Academy:  Loren, a brilliant but despised out-worlder, Tarun, heir to a once-powerful dynasty, and Aurora, niece to the embattled Patriarch.  Together they make a formidable team.
I think you are trying to introduce too many things at once. Also, I don't undersrand why they are jumping onto a dart or the importance of the Academy, whatever it is. It's a little too much to take in at once.
I've read up to the last updated page and really enjoyed it. I love how the first few chapters were written though things could use more details. I might even download the rest from your website.
Hey great story! btw, my name is Aurora too! sadly though i am not a niece of an embattled patriarch...-_-