The Underlying - A His and Her Story [BWWM] Editing

The Underlying - A His and Her Story [BWWM] Editing

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Angel By Stars-vs-Chocolates Completed

Avianne Lamont is a quirky girl and isn't afraid to be who she truly is. Weird and unorthodox. Different doesn't begin to cover it. She could care less about what others thought about her. That is until, she catches the eye of the new guy. Only then does Ava decide to shake things up.

Jace Nolan is an eloquent boy. Gorgeous, rich, incredibly annoying ... you name it. Not to mention, he always seems to get what he wants. That is until the weirdest thing happened - he didn't and it was all in the design of that green eyed girl.

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haitiangirl56 haitiangirl56 Dec 25, 2017
I probably was one of those cheerleaders that didn’t fit the usual cheerleader category
LSJMN2000 LSJMN2000 Nov 16, 2017
Sounds like every American teen highs school movie I've ever seen
Melr101 Melr101 Sep 07, 2016
I am the emo/nerd/weirdo but being weird gets you more friends tbh
BeachKai BeachKai Oct 11, 2015
Oh my gosh I thought this was a flashing back from kindergarten lol
The ONLY reason I even like cheerleaders is because of bring it on 😂😂😂
Jocks? What are those? Never heard of  an. At my school we have wannabe athlete's,