Reincarnated- Start Of My Happy Lesbian Life!

Reincarnated- Start Of My Happy Lesbian Life!

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GothicSoftGirl By HopelessYuriWriter Updated Dec 02, 2020

God is useless. Instead of doing something useful like restoring my will to live or erasing my memories, he stuffed me in the overpowered (and possibly undead) body of a child "blessed" with the ability to have all men fall for me! I'm a Lesbian, god! Take this curse and shove it up your-! Wait, why is this gorgeous woman convinced I'm her long missing wife!? And how come the hot Knight I saved is falling for her!? 

!!! Mature rating and *TW* because of language and certain themes. No Smut/Lemons/"Passionate Hugging"/ect !!!!!!
((At least for now, if y'all want me to try writing some, then I'll try, but otherwise nothing explicit so far))

》Posting the art (and extras) for this story in Reincarted- Art of My Happy Lesbian Life!《

(Wrote this just cuz There's a bunch of reincarnation stories with some boring dude with a harem and I always wanted one with a lesbian MC and harem since I couldn't find one I decided to make one. It's going to be absolutely horrible but I'll try my best. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for my terrible writing)