Beyond the Border

Beyond the Border

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Edo By EdoEclipse Updated Jan 02, 2018

With dreams of becoming the most well-known Alchemist in all of Tamriel, Nolwenn Riverbrook, a young woman comprised of both Bosmer and Breton heritage, seeks out knowledge for her remedies by traveling the land. Upon the border that separates Cyrodiil from Skyrim, she's caught between a civil war ambush, carted and taken away to her death.

 But before her end arrives, Alduin, the World Eater, returns from time itself, and who else to stop it but the halfling who discovers herself the true Dovahkiin and center of the prophecy of old. With the help of allies and an Imperial mage who's heart dedicated to hers, Nolwenn must face her destiny and spare the world from it's unseemly end.

{This is also a fanfiction on my Archive of our Own account. The account name is the same. If you prefer to read on there, well, it's there :)}

  • adventure
  • civilwar
  • dovahkiin
  • fantasy
  • femaledragonborn
  • romance
  • skyrim
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  • violence