A Smile

A Smile

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"I-I" I wanted to tell him, the words were on my lips but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Doing that would destroy any hope of us being together, because I love this boy. And It's took a beating, a few fights and a rape to figure it out. I love him... "I love you Blake, I do, but I can't drag into my life! I can't let you get currupted too!"

"y-you love me?"

Myra Clay is a simple girl, though she is broken, abused and scared. She been damaged all her life by her father and his loyal friends. She cries herself to sleep most nights and accepts the beatings to protect her friends. She also has to do anything to pay for the bills as her drunken father wont, and her brother is too stubborn. So-- she fights. She competes in fighting contests to win the money

But when a certain bad boy- Blake Samuel's- leans about most of her secrets will her laugh and spread it, telling it to everyone he knows or will he help? What about her brother? Or will her dad find out on his own?

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Wow, I'm flabbergasted, this is so true, and sadly applied to me in the situation I find myself in.
You're not gonna get a smile out if the girl on the cover. She's a ginger. Gingers have no souls.
                              Jk, I have a couple of great friends who are Gingers and Ed Sheeran is awesome. Carry on
I was going to read this book, but the cover freaks me out every time cause of the 'smile' on it. Sorry.
geminio1 geminio1 Jul 27
This is the cold hard truth of many lives out there, mine included...
prunev prunev Aug 01
HELL NO, you aint saying that, you deserve better and not to be abused like that
Hana_H88 Hana_H88 Aug 16
I love how she still has hope no matter what she's been through!