A Smile

A Smile

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"I-I" I wanted to tell him, the words were on my lips but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Doing that would destroy any hope of us being together, because I love this boy. And It's took a beating, a few fights and a rape to figure it out. I love him... "I love you Blake, I do, but I can't drag into my life! I can't let you get currupted too!"

"y-you love me?"

Myra Clay is a simple girl, though she is broken, abused and scared. She been damaged all her life by her father and his loyal friends. She cries herself to sleep most nights and accepts the beatings to protect her friends. She also has to do anything to pay for the bills as her drunken father wont, and her brother is too stubborn. So-- she fights. She competes in fighting contests to win the money

But when a certain bad boy- Blake Samuel's- leans about most of her secrets will her laugh and spread it, telling it to everyone he knows or will he help? What about her brother? Or will her dad find out on his own?

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  • abuse
  • alcohol
  • badboy
  • boxing
  • broken
  • bully
  • fighting
  • injury
  • jealousy
ICantThink0fAName ICantThink0fAName Aug 27, 2017
I live I America and at my school we have 5 buildings with different classes taught in each building plus a bunch of small mobile classrooms (which I forget the name of)
DeaDeaBumbleBee DeaDeaBumbleBee Mar 11, 2017
I feel ya, Scottish schools are the same. All the schools I went to all had 3-4 buildings, hated winter
msliyahp msliyahp Mar 29, 2017
No one deserves abuse whether it's physically mentally or emotionally. People who abuse people or even animals are cowards and just plain disgusting
redheadwithbedhead redheadwithbedhead Nov 25, 2017
I just wanna bunny because the mice were to fragile for my thumb
21Winchester_Tacos 21Winchester_Tacos May 08, 2017
I just watched the episode of Supernatural where Dean kills Hitler XD
Mags_250 Mags_250 Jan 17, 2017
Honestly even if you're the meanest person alive no one deserves to be beaten down physically mentally or even emotionally it's not right to abusive