Chasing his mate

Chasing his mate

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Evelina Dehlen By EveeDehlen Updated Apr 25, 2014

Emma black is a fearless and powerful rouge and she is proud to be one.

Her parents where rouges and they were killed when she was 8 years. They had trained her well and she had learned. 

After traumatic experienses she does everything to keep people away. Especially her mate. Whoever he might be.

But after 9 year on the run living like a rouge he finds her.

And he is set on making her his.

I understand that the wolf was her soul mate but wouldn't the bond between a child and a mother be even more powerful that that of soul mate? Just a question.
Devil_Spxwn Devil_Spxwn Mar 06
Wow! I can run for 16 mins, and i go thru like 10 bottles of water!
Bubblegumbitches Bubblegumbitches Jun 16, 2016
😭 I don't like it when daddys die... or any other family... but keep writing... I like so far...
Katy5704 Katy5704 Jul 29, 2016
                              No. No! NO!!!
                              My mom:
                              "What's wrong Katy!?"
                              "She-She-SHE DIED!!!!"
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Sep 24, 2016
                              Sorry, my inner grammar freak came to light. This is really good though!
Bubblegumbitches Bubblegumbitches Jun 16, 2016
I can be that somebody... OF COURSE YOU ARE ON NOW TYPE! I WANNA NOW WHAT TYPE OF WRITER YOU ARE... and if I like you of course.😋😘😄