Chasing his mate

Chasing his mate

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Evelina Dehlen By EveeDehlen Updated Apr 25, 2014

Emma black is a fearless and powerful rouge and she is proud to be one.

Her parents where rouges and they were killed when she was 8 years. They had trained her well and she had learned. 

After traumatic experienses she does everything to keep people away. Especially her mate. Whoever he might be.

But after 9 year on the run living like a rouge he finds her.

And he is set on making her his.

  • friendship
  • love
  • runaway
  • werewolves
puppy145 puppy145 Dec 15, 2017
bernitaVH bernitaVH Oct 11, 2017
No, yes the bond between mother and daughter would be strong but the bond of the mate pull would be twice that. If your outer half had died, a huge piece of your soul goes with them because after the mated they would be one.
dream_catcher_01 dream_catcher_01 Sep 09, 2017
I understand that the wolf was her soul mate but wouldn't the bond between a child and a mother be even more powerful that that of soul mate? Just a question.
Devil_Spxwn Devil_Spxwn Mar 06, 2017
Wow! I can run for 16 mins, and i go thru like 10 bottles of water!
unicorn_glow unicorn_glow Jun 16, 2016
😭 I don't like it when daddys die... or any other family... but keep writing... I like so far...
Katy5704 Katy5704 Jul 29, 2016
                              No. No! NO!!!
                              My mom:
                              "What's wrong Katy!?"
                              "She-She-SHE DIED!!!!"