VINCENT {Free Fall #1} - Season One and Season Two  | ✔ |

VINCENT {Free Fall #1} - Season One and Season Two | ✔ |

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♔ Khaleesi Chelsea ♔ By Chelsea_13 Completed

["Nobody can stop me from loving you. You do know that right?"

There's something about the the way he held me against his chiseled chest, and the feeling of his warm breath against my skin as he said those words, that sent my entire body into an overdrive. 

Almost all my other desires were gone in an instant when he told me over and over again that I am the only person that he will love for the rest of his life. 

Naubos ako. Nawala lahat ng iba ko pang pinaniniwalaan. Nawala ang pangamba ko sa hinaharap. 

The only thing that remained in me was my need intense, and burning need...

For him. For his love. For us. 


"Agapi mou...we can do this okay? Trust in us."

Nang mga oras na 'yun ay sigurado akong wala na sa aming bibitaw na dalawa. Kakayanin namin ito hanggang dulo, at hindi namin susukuan ang nararamdaman namin kahit na ano pa man ang kapalit. 

I was so sure that together, we can endure and survive anything that might happens to us. I knew that whatever problems or trials that we might face in the near future, our love for each other will always prevail...

Kasi nga, kami ito. Si Savannah at Reed Fonacier. Magkakambal. Nagmamahalan ng wagas. 

Our love was greater than anything else. 

----or so I thought.
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Yesss Ate @Chelsea_13  mababasa ko na sya dahil finished na HAHAHHAHA. YESHHH
monaerizen monaerizen Feb 03
Ate, kakakita ko lang sa fb post mo. Excited na ko basahin haha
pomiRon pomiRon May 08, 2017
I'll read this when it's finish para di ako mabitin. I'm curious with the title so....
                              Not really against with Reed pero feeling ko may twist to 😊
Anne010 Anne010 Mar 25, 2017
I don't know why but the story title really caught my attention. I wonder why this story was entitled Vincent. I guess I must read this to figure it out. :). Nice! Catchy Title. :D
crappechi crappechi Jan 23, 2016
tofferic tofferic Dec 01, 2015
Nahihiwagaan ako satitle hahaha. Matagal ko ng binabalik-balikan ito pero parang ang weird hahaha Hinahatak ako para basahin. Title palang? catchy na. Vincent? Bakit nga ba?