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Alopex By 14Alopex Updated May 09

(An Alex Vreeke Fan Fiction) 

Stella Jones is a 16 year old girl that loves playing video games. Because of her harsh past,  Stella has a difficult character making it hard for her to make any real friends. With a dad that's an alcoholic and a missing mother, Stella finds it her job to care for her house sometimes leading into problems at school leaving her in detentions. One ordinary day, Stella finds herself and couple of 4 other kids sucked into an old-fashioned game named Jumanji. With 3 lives to spare, they have to figure out how to lift the curse,  save Jumanji and get home safely. In the end Stella is faced with a difficult choice that will have an epic effect on her life.  What is that choice?  Will Stella make the right choice?

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I love the name Stella tho 
                              it also kinda reminds me of the skunk from over the hedge
14Alopex 14Alopex Dec 28, 2017
Wow.  Thank you.  I didn't expect to get a reply so soon.  I just posted the next part. I'm aiming each part to be about 1000+ words and hopefully the real adventure will start in the next part.
Did you know that George Washington just infiltrated your book?
HarryPotterLunitic HarryPotterLunitic Dec 28, 2017
I start to read, and it seems interesting, but i need it to continue, i want to see her play jumanji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My guess for the foreshadowing 🖤🖤
                              Her mother is in the game right???
stella1379 stella1379 Jan 08
Stella is actually my name. I have never seen it anywhere else except for here.