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Raine Manlapas By RaineManlapas Completed

Alexander Blanco is a rich, handsome, and strict businessman. But his future had already been planned. He needs to marry a lady chosen by his grandfather. He didn't like it. And whenever he would have disagreements with his grandfather, he would always sought the warm home of his personal driver. He became good friends with his driver's daughter, Olivia Paredes.

 Circumstances had  kept them apart without any communication. With his wedding to his betrothed, Judith Diaz, the more  he felt the need of being with his confidant...

Will they meet again?

The characters, places and events are all just part of the author's imagination. Although some people, places and events exist in the real world, if some events are beyond the truth then that's what fiction is all about! 

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    VicaMore VicaMore Aug 05
    I am confused.  Is Xander, Alexander,? the main man in this book?  If so how does he have a son?  or is this what we will learn later?
    VicaMore VicaMore Aug 05
    So Lorenzo trained his only son and his dad to  be an heir.  Wouldn't Lorenzo's dad already know how to be an heir?
    rhemajay rhemajay Mar 04, 2014
    When I started to read this I thought that she would end up loving Xander in the end but now I am not so confident.  I hope she change her mind her mind becuase Xander sound like a sweet, considerate and kind person.