Two Separate Worlds ~Laurance x BadGirl!Reader~

Two Separate Worlds ~Laurance x BadGirl!Reader~

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"Laurance Zvahl, you will never know me."

His sly smirk on his face makes we want to walk up to him and slap the living daylights out of him. 

"That's what you think. A lot can happen in the course of two weeks."

That's true, but a lot can be prevented in the course of two weeks by me.


Y/N L/N is just the typical bad girl. She skips school and hangs out with people she's told that she shouldn't. That doesn't stop her however. 

With a father that doesn't care, and no mother in sight, she relys on her three closest friends to always be there for her. 

That's until her best friends force her to go to one single class, and luck for her she's stuck in a two week project with Laurance Zvahl. 

Y/N now learns more about Laurance and the 'popular' during the course of the project. 

Little did she know that everything she knew once before was a lie.


Hello my beautiful little roses! Here is another Laurance x Reader from me to you! 

A special thank you to everyone who has helped me with the covers,  drawings, and editing! It means a lot, so thank you!

I hope you enjoy this story!

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