A Vampire's Life Book 1

A Vampire's Life Book 1

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TM Watkins By xMishx Completed

The ink had barely dried on Stephanie's final high school exam and already she has been offered a job. A job as a personal assistant to the son of a royal family from a country she had never heard of. Thrust into a world of the unknown, Stephanie is dragged down deep by this man and the world he inhabits. Secrets are hidden behind so many dark doors, lies are told to cover so many dark deeds. Trouble begins to brew when an urgent meeting begins and Stephanie crosses paths with the one person her employer wishes he could wipe from the planet. What will happen when Stephanie discovers the truth about her employer and his friends? What will happen when the big bad wolf knocks on the door? What will happen when Stephanie discovers the truth about her destiny?

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sazidakhanom sazidakhanom Dec 29, 2016
Oh my god and  whoa 😲😲😲😲 what fantastic  first chapter .
Anime731 Anime731 4 days ago
What type of school is that? Their not allowed to hug the students??
Jinx_Mage Jinx_Mage Dec 31, 2016
Her mother is just going to let her go? She's not going to be suspicious, or protective, or do any research?
BookGirl03 BookGirl03 Feb 08
A personal assistant after all that hardwork?! She should shoot higher!
AlexisReith AlexisReith Sep 09, 2016
In case you don't know what 'HRH' it stands for 'His Royal Highness'.
elma_elii99 elma_elii99 Apr 13, 2015
Oh my God. He's a prince he can't say fuckk. He has to say frickle fracke :3