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More than best friends (boyxboy)

More than best friends (boyxboy)

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Kate By Walking_disaster79 Completed

17 year old Caleb Ackers has known that he was gay ever since he'd started developing feelings for his next door neighbour and best friend, Patrick Hale. Even though Patrick was almost certainly straight, Caleb wondered if there was a way to turn his best friend gay.
  He comes up with a plan, a list of steps to show Patrick just how gay he could be. It starts with admitting he's gay, then goes through jealousy, drinking at parties, teasing, convincing and slow seduction.
  But will Caleb be able to win Patrick over or will he be stuck as the best friend?

Alla_apple Alla_apple Jan 09
I started questioning myself when I developed a crush on one of my friends, and discovered I was pans when I started crushing on a different friend and sat down to have a long mental conversation with yself.
kamela123 kamela123 Dec 15, 2016
God doesnt only love people who are perfect so that's wrong, God loves evevryone and their imperfections
TimmyNo TimmyNo Jul 20, 2016
I agree to a point. Yes some can be  very close minded but there are some who are very nice.
Alla_apple Alla_apple Jan 09
I agree to an extent, but mostly I think that closed minded people are using Religion to justify themselves, and that it's not religious people as a whole, because I know religious people who are almost more accepting than I am, and that's saying something.
HEileenW_SimplyVince HEileenW_SimplyVince Jan 19, 2016
I believe the idea is that everyone's the same on a spiritual level. Personally I'm more agnostic but the bible has some good stuff. But then again I feel that way about most religions...
ShadowsTalks ShadowsTalks Jul 29, 2015
Not true, I'm Christian and Um very open minded. Yes gossip make us different, he did for a reason.