Those That Remain

Those That Remain

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PajamaWriter By PajamaWriter Updated Feb 02, 2018

5 years ago, 2.6 billion people were killed in an event called the Extermination. A heinous government plan that was meant to lower the population in order to make food supplies last longer. An entire generation - from newborns to young adults - hunted down and slaughtered so the rest of Earths inhabitants could live. 

East, a survivor of the Extermination, now lives with others like him. Every day they fight for just a few more hours of life. A fate they all grew accustomed to. But when they discover a new survivor, the tide begins to turn in this losing battle.


The first 6 chapters are currently undergoing immense editing so this story will be slow on updates for about 2 weeks.

  • action
  • battle
  • death
  • dystopia
  • fight
  • future
  • humor
  • hunt
  • journey
  • lgbt
  • romance
  • sci-fi
  • survival
  • suspense
  • thriller
xxFlowerxxPowerxx xxFlowerxxPowerxx Dec 27, 2017
I really like it. I think its powerful emotive and well written. I love dystopian books so cant wait to see where this is heading
- - Dec 30, 2017
This is a really nice opening! It starts off with a question and could get readers asking themselves that question too. We have a bit of insight into who the person may be and the loss they have suffered. Good job!
AbbyLWalter AbbyLWalter Jan 05, 2018
Great story! Would you mind checking out mine? I'm new at watt pad and I'll greatly appreciate it :)
midnightcupofnoodles midnightcupofnoodles Jan 17, 2018
Personally, I feel a semicolon would be more effective here as it will make the reader pause after the noun, before reading the reason why.
                              ...I'm a pest; someone that threatens their existence.
                              ...i'm a solution,; someone who-
YoniKirby YoniKirby Jan 07, 2018
nice!   sounds like the end of something i wrote a few years ago.....i ended with the bleakness, you start with it! :)
brunetted brunetted Jan 29, 2018
this is an amazing rhetorical question which gets readers to think