Childhood Hero: Return of the Redbird (Captain America Story)

Childhood Hero: Return of the Redbird (Captain America Story)

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the one that reads too much. By nainai19 Updated Mar 07, 2016


Zoey Redbird has been through hell and back and still made it on top. 

After the battle of New York, she and Steve joined Natasha and Clint, becoming official agents of SHIELD. She's got her friends, who are her family, and a very sweet and caring boyfriend.

She's grown; she's lived life and experienced it for what it truly is.

She's happy.

But when Zoey's world once again turns sour, she has to make some hard choices, that could change everything.

When her life becomes a story of heartbreak, trust issues, wrong moves, family feuds and war, can she stay strong, and hold on to who she truly is?

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copyright nainai19
cover by: jumpstreets

KayleyGrace KayleyGrace Jun 05, 2016
Wait... Compromised how? Has she been Loki compromised where she's basically a living dead thing or is it, HYRDA "compliance will be rewarded" compromisation?
fueledbythestan fueledbythestan Nov 17, 2016
"...four, five, six, seven, eight, nine-! It's the ten duel commandments, the den duel commandments"
StonefaceTyler StonefaceTyler Jun 29, 2016
Yesyesthatsme Yesyesthatsme Jun 21, 2016
YAAAAAASSSSSS! These chapters are even longer than the ones in ur last fanfic!! I luv u and ur stories, never stop writing!!
StonefaceTyler StonefaceTyler Jun 29, 2016
BUT NOW YOUR GONNA MEET BUCKY!!!!!!!  (If you can't tell I am in love with The winter solder movie)
Coolabigirl Coolabigirl Jul 30, 2016
I read the summery and I flipped out when I saw Zoey Redbird as the name! For a moment I thought you meant the main character in the house of night series written by p.c. Cast and her daughter. Oh well. I can't help but find references where they aren't meant to be.