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Daria By dream_dara Updated Nov 13, 2013

"I don't know anyone like you, Evira. You're extraordinary, you're talented. You have a kind heart. Pursue this, and you will rise." 

These were the words that sparked her adventure to become a top notch singer. 

Meet Evira Fairchild, fresh from Springfield, following her heart to pursue a career as a singer. With pure talent and heart, Evira is a newbie in the show business world, shocking many and gaining both fans and haters. The ones who keep her going are the ring of friends that surround her. 

There's the witty Alec, who at first harbors resentment towards Evira for getting so instantly famous but soon realizes who she is at heart. The band's keyboardist, Lex: kindhearted and always there for her, who harbors a dark secret. Ellen Asher, the  manager who brought her to L.A.. Travis, the singer of Instinct and and seems to always find Evira in awkward situations. Aline, the guitarist who she quickly befriends. And then there's the mysterious Evan: fresh and full of immense talent, he is the one who discovered her talent.

Even with her talent and passion for her work, Evira finds it hard to stay motivated. Sacrificing everything, she soon loses herself. Will she fall and plummet to nothingness? 

Or will she rise?

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