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Emily Schumacher By Hushed_Whisper Updated Apr 30, 2014

The other pack began arriving. "I am Alpha Xander Covert of The Pine Forest Pack", a sweet voice boomed. 

The voice made my knees quiver. My mind became horribly fuzzy. Mate! Mate! My wolf screamed. 

'No. He is not my mate. I already have a mate. You must be mistaken' I told my wolf. 'Mate!' she growled. 'No' I told my wolf. 'He is your mate!' 

'Sterling is my mate' I said again. I was too busy with my wolf to notice a man was standing in front of me starring at me. 

His beautiful blue eyes looking at me in adoration. My wolf jumped for joy when he smiled at me. "Mine", he said pulling me to his chest.                                                ---                                                          Every werewolf has a mate destined for them. Esarosa was a little different. She has two mates. 

She lived a completely normal life. She found her mate, Sterling Bayles. He was in the same pack and fourth in command.

 Everything was going perfect until he showed up...

The 'he' to be exact was Xander Covert. The very respected Alpha of the neighbouring Pine Forest pack. 

Esarosa can't simply choose one? Can she?