To Fall Out of Love

To Fall Out of Love

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How hard is it to fall out of love?

For most, this key is worth nothing. It's an old piece of junk, and it can't open anything. But for her, the key is worth everything. Love, memories, pain. But is it really worth all that much?

Is it worth holding onto fragments of the past?

  • cutting
  • depression
  • fall
  • fiction
  • key
  • leaving
  • love
  • necklace
  • suicide
  • teen
JJJiangx JJJiangx Jan 07, 2014
aww this is so cute
                              but at the same time
                              it's realyl sad
                              argh idk what to feel 
DeliberatelyDreaming DeliberatelyDreaming Jun 02, 2012
@Fotogenik Ah! I guess it does! :) Anyways, very well written work and I love Short stories with open endings too!
InsanityUnlimited InsanityUnlimited May 30, 2012
It was lovely.  I adored how you didn't overload us with descriptions of her never-ending love and the bond between them.  It was pure and simplistic.  A great read.  :)
LindseyRay LindseyRay May 30, 2012
ummm..... why isn't there more to read??? you can't just leave me hanging here!! holy cow, i love it! it's realistic, and you're leaving me with a big cliffhanger! write more please!! ^.^
_amalia_ _amalia_ May 30, 2012
                              Sure. I love your story, and it's not like entering it in the Watty Awards makes you lose anything. Make sure to promote it well though.
Rouletted Rouletted May 30, 2012
@Star96165 Hahaha... I"m not stopping you if you help me promote to other clubs... your fans.. etc. :P 
                              Thanks for the support though!