Yesterday's Demons (Loki)

Yesterday's Demons (Loki)

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SunDanielle By SunDanielle Completed

Powerless, haunted by his demons, and exiled from Asgard, how is Loki of any power?  

Lyla, an esteemed member of S.H.I.E.L.D, enters his cell and notices something deeply hidden under his facade; suffering. Lyla has every intention to know this God more, but Loki intends on retrieving his powers and escaping back to Asgard, alive. He gets wrapped up in a journey with a mortal he never intended on seeing again. He won't let her get in his way. For Lyla is only a mere mortal.

But being the God of Mischief, things never really go as planned.

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AlexSheri AlexSheri Jan 08, 2016
IM A SLAP A LIAR AND ITS AINT LOKI SEE he's just like his father Loki completely like his father Odin both liars like
CrazyAussie CrazyAussie Apr 15, 2014
Can just hear this in an a way that is barely hiding a sarcastic tone xD
SnowflakesOnLashes SnowflakesOnLashes Apr 05, 2014
I think this story has broken my heart with adorableness and sadness.... and it's only the first chapter!!! keep it up!!
dlnybskr dlnybskr Apr 04, 2014
He sounds like a baby crying for his mother or something you are so amazing and I love how you put that omg
dlnybskr dlnybskr Apr 04, 2014
You are such an amazing writer, I wish I could write Loki like you do. I am loving your story already, I'm only a few paragraphs in.
sinspirit sinspirit Mar 30, 2014