The Rich Girl And The Gang Leader

The Rich Girl And The Gang Leader

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BriCandyLovers By BriCandyLovers Updated Jan 02, 2015

“You crossed the wrong territory.” He hissed in my ear. “Your family may be rich, but let’s not get confused here.” His eyes bore into mine. “You don’t belong here.”

I searched his eyes for any answers, but his expression never changed. He looked at me as if I was an animal. Some mythical creature that happened to stumble upon his property. 

And now he’s about to get rid of me.
Elara Montegomery is one of the richest girls you’ll ever meet. She has it all. The clothes, the beauty, the style. But her happiness can only go so far.

Locked in a private boarding school for five years, she’s had about enough. She thinks she’s seen it all. The people who try to get close to her for her money. The people who point and gossip. But most of all, the looks that cross people’s expression when they see her. 

They fear her.

Kale Merrick is a gang leader. But not just any gang leader. The reign of the Rogues has barely started, but the criminal activity linking to the gang is massive. But a recent accident causes them to nearly go bankrupt. It’s all or nothing now, and it’s up to Kale to make the decisions.

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Cheshire_Cat122 Cheshire_Cat122 May 05, 2015
Those moments when a boy lets you in and see their weak side<3 just makes you melt
cantevendecide cantevendecide Apr 28, 2015
Oh yeah hey just keep this pure gold necklace which probably cost a lot... no biggie :'D
dallastar dallastar Apr 05, 2015
Excited ;) I really love this and can tell it'll be interesting
Music_Retro Music_Retro Dec 29, 2014
Ummm you got over x10 more votes then needed… PLEASSSSE UPDATE!