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"He won't find us, Dan. He'll be in jail for a long while, he won't hurt you again. I promise."

I promise.

But is that a promise I can keep?

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[boy + boy relationship, no real smut, just makeout sessions and fluff] [tw:// homophobic remarks & rape]

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kenlea5463 kenlea5463 Oct 06, 2017
(First part. And I mean 2nd part too but you know, details😂) same (And same for Dan(irl dan😂))
gwenlikesgirlz gwenlikesgirlz Oct 23, 2017
*tips fedora* m'sir, i'm so sorry to interrupt, but you, m'sir, need to kindly slow the bloody hell down. *tips fedora again*
tatinofphil tatinofphil May 20, 2017
This is literally me @ phil whenever he uploads or tweets after i've been in the hospital again
kenlea5463 kenlea5463 Dec 18, 2017
The amount of people saying same to almost all of these is freaking sad... But tbh I said same to most of them even tho I find comment
xrubyjx xrubyjx Dec 27, 2017
.....then he's gay? i'm so confused he obviously hates dan but is cheating on his wife, and raping a boy which kinda defeats the purpose of him being angry with him?
xrubyjx xrubyjx Dec 27, 2017
why does this have the least response IT'S THE MOST SERIOUS?