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"He won't find us, Dan. He'll be in jail for a long while, he won't hurt you again. I promise."

I promise.

But is that a promise I can keep?

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[boy + boy relationship, no real smut, just makeout sessions and fluff] [tw:// homophobic remarks & rape]

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Carter_Faye Carter_Faye Oct 06, 2017
(First part. And I mean 2nd part too but you know, details😂) same (And same for Dan(irl dan😂))
gwenhasnofriends gwenhasnofriends Oct 23, 2017
*tips fedora* m'sir, i'm so sorry to interrupt, but you, m'sir, need to kindly slow the bloody hell down. *tips fedora again*
piggers17 piggers17 Jan 27
I totally thought a at first it said “Andre said he’s gay” and I was like tf? I thought I was reading a phanfiction?
I know this is serious and all but.... okay, Dan's gay. And his FATHER raped him. How does that work?
Carter_Faye Carter_Faye Dec 18, 2017
The amount of people saying same to almost all of these is freaking sad... But tbh I said same to most of them even tho I find comment
xrubyjx xrubyjx Dec 27, 2017
.....then he's gay? i'm so confused he obviously hates dan but is cheating on his wife, and raping a boy which kinda defeats the purpose of him being angry with him?