I'm the 86th child of Charlotte family OC X ONE PIECE FANFIC

I'm the 86th child of Charlotte family OC X ONE PIECE FANFIC

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PookieChips By PookieChips1017 Updated Dec 19, 2018

I'm the 86th child.... well, no, I'm actually the 74th but whatever.  That's not the point. 
What I mean is that I'm one of mommy, also refereed as 'Big Mom's daughter and this basically talks about my life there.

Before you start looking through the chapters, I want you to be aware that I'm a brutal killer.  I don't care about some stranger's life if it means getting praised by mommy.  Yeah, I'm mommy's girl.  What about it?  I think it's natural to love your mother if your dad keeps switching or when they're so weak.  It disgusts me to think I have their genes inside me.  Bleh.

Anyways.  Yeah, mommy is sometimes mean to my siblings but I don't care.  It's their fault for not listening to mommy.  She's actually really nice you know, she got me a island made out of chocolates for my 10th birthday!  Does you're mommy do that for you?  I bet she doesn't!  Besides, mommy's never lifted a finger on me before and I'm the only one who's aloud to sit on her lap!  Unless you're about to get killed!


This Fanfiction will have a VEEEERY slow update cuz I'm lazy but I suppose it'll be good?  Just give it a try and comment on what you think. 


MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SOME MATURE LANGUAGES SUCH AS F*CKS OR SH*TS - Look, I even made this warning capitalized so read this, okay?