pregnant with harry  styles book 1

pregnant with harry styles book 1

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Your Not Welcomed


~ 3 years before

I layed on the cold marble floor. Lifeless. Well...

I want to be.

My right hand was holding my bare stomach and my lefted was holding the...Pregnancy stick.

I sit up after laying in the floor for which seemed like hours. Probably was.I was too weak to fully stand up , so I stretched my body to reach for the pregnancy box on the counter.

Got it. I needed to be definite that I was really pregnant. Well after using the whole box in 1 day? I would say so , but I just needed to know for sure 1 more time.I took the box and 1 hand and the test In the other. "Yup there it goes. That little plu-"

"baby! I'm home!"

Fuck . What is harry doing home so early?

I scatter trying to hide the box. I throw it in the cabinet under the sink. Harry never does down there. I put the test in the back pocket Of my jeans. And pull my shirt down. I exit the bathroom to see Harry in the living room smiling ear to ear at me. "Hey baby. What are you doing home so early?" I gave him a peck on the lips. "I have good news!"

"Me too!" It got silent after I spoke.

"you first hazza." He took a deep breath and let it out.

"Me and the boys got signed to a contract and we're moving to L.A!" He picked me up and hugged me tight."That's great baby! I'm so happy for you."

I start walking towards our bedroom to hear Harry call out at me. "What did you want to tell me Taylor?"

SHIT! Kill me now!

I turn around slowly trying to advoid eye contact with harry. A voice in my mind kept telling me to lie and don't tell him but my heart was telling me to just say it. Say the truth..........................................................................

PaulaMowatt PaulaMowatt Jul 03
who was the girl on the magazine cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My tears we're rolling down my face. Like they were part of my face. 😭😭. Other than that  I love it all ready.  ❤❤
I have read this book and it is SOOOOO AMAZING!!!  I TOTALLY LOVE IT 😍❤ READING BOOK 2 NOW!!!  Love yaaa for writing this series 😘😘😘👍👍👍
xunicornlittlemix xunicornlittlemix Mar 04, 2014
this is a nice book ! sorry for my bad english.. i'm hollands ;p. but, i love this story :). xx.