He's A Hybrid | YOONMIN FF

He's A Hybrid | YOONMIN FF

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❝So, he doesn't know much about Hybrids, Huh?❞  


Yoongi hides a Hybrid in his room after meeting him in a dark alley. Little does he know, the cat will be in heat in 1 week.


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mexbts98789 mexbts98789 4 days ago
The outfit from that mission Jimin had to make Kookie laugh during the photoshoot 
                              Omg yassss
yoongihearteu444 yoongihearteu444 6 days ago
You want some desert casserole?
                              No mama im just thirsty
                              Oh ok here have some water....Casserole
gumdropbunnies gumdropbunnies 6 days ago
The author must love lasagne. It’s literally in every book they write nvmnfdtmgmb
TheAvocadoLord TheAvocadoLord 4 days ago
Its only the second chapter and the legendary jibooty has made its appearance
iGotAllINeed iGotAllINeed 3 days ago
TheAvocadoLord TheAvocadoLord 4 days ago
I was rereading and i flipped cause like yoongi was human the last time i read this book