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Letting Loose [BoyxBoy]

Letting Loose [BoyxBoy]

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Fan125 By Fan125 Completed

With the arrival of two new students, all hell breaks loose for kind, caring Kevin Smith. If it isn't bad enough that he's another closet-case, he has to deal with the 'peer pressure' he's getting from his friends to 'let loose.' But, to cautious Kevin, he has an image to uphold; after all, he is school-body president. Aaron LeBeau is in a similar situation, being a common closet-case. The difference between the two is that Aaron lives life to the fullest. Skipping class, partying, and being quarterback for the football team all add up to his everlasting popularity, along with having an easy-to-talk-to personality; and with that great personality, it's his duty to teach Kevin to let loose. But who knew that a simple lesson in life could result to a budding relationship that was there since the beginning?

XSleepingUnicornX XSleepingUnicornX Jul 30, 2016
So I looked at the cast. And then I saw Jensen Ackles as Dean. I see what you've done there author -_-
Angels435 Angels435 Dec 20, 2016
I like this teacher I had a few high school teachers like her and I miss them
NyjahDudewhoatemytac NyjahDudewhoatemytac May 25, 2014
Did I miss something? Weren't they just sophomores? I'm so confused. Lol. I should probably just keep reading to the end of the chapter.
balthierlover21 balthierlover21 Dec 19, 2012
o3o yoooooo... I love this! Even better than my own stories I should say! :3
- - May 28, 2012
THANK YOU! For dedicating to me :) glad you like the cover..
Fan125 Fan125 May 12, 2012
@anitablake427 Sorry about that, but I deleted it because it didn't flow as well as I wanted it to. This one will follow the story line of the original. I'm sorry about deleting the last one. But this one should be better. Please have faith on me ad with this story.